chris weitz the gardner

New Moon director Chris Weitz has announced his follow up project, which will once again be produced by Summit Entertainment. According to Variety, Weitz recently sat down with the vampire driven studio to finalize his deal to direct The Gardner, a film that has nothing to do with vampires or werewolves.

The Gardner is a contemporary story about a hard-working immigrant who lives in Los Angeles and his efforts to protect his son. Weitz recently spoke out about the film and addressed rumors that he would be retiring early due to the mistreatment of his previous work, The Golden Compass. He didn’t have any control over the film’s style or editing, and it eventually went on to bomb at the box office.

“It was an utter violation of my status as a director and the worst thing that has happened to me professionally,” Weitz said. While he “bit through my tongue” when that film was released out of loyalty to cast and crew, he was very happy to see New Moon surpass grosses of The Golden Compass.

Weitz’s New Moon experience reignited his love for the art of directing, thanks to the freedom that Stephenie Meyer and Summit gave him while filming the movie.

“This was a wonderful experience by comparison. I got to work with terrific young actors at the top of their game, and see Taylor Lautner perform so well.”

It looks like the director will stay on the Summit train a lot longer than we expected. The Gardner will definitely be a huge step away from anything Twilight related, so with new material and new found success, lets see how well he does without the help of the teen demographic.

Are you a fan of Chris Weitz’ other work? Can he continue his success beyond New Moon?