Another update from my first production Do Not Disturb! There’s no such thing as weekends or late mornings on a Mali Elfman Production! We’ve been onset since basically since they would allow us. It’s all coming along… almost on time.

Yesterday we managed to actually get ahead of schedule, but due to problems with the carpet (they gave us two separate ones! AHHHH!) we’ve now been pushed back. Also, we has some curtain and painting problems which are being fixed as we speak.

We had our first rehearsal on Friday night for Jon Mann-Krieger’s film Intrinsic and Brandon Nicholas’ film Death Takes a Holiday Inn which have similar casts including Jason Alan Smith, Diva Zappa, myself, and Troy Garity (only in Jon’s).The rehearsal went great! We got through blocking and then had quite a bit of time to play with our characters and even come up with some new lines.

Below Jason and Jon work on Intrinsic


Saturday we painted the set, built the furniture, and attempted to lay the carpet (but failed). Below Laura Felix is painting a wall we meant to paint blue but actually painted purple and now have to repaint… Oops!


Brandon realizing the color of said wall…


Luckily the room came out the right color thanks to our contractors Gerardo, Roger and my mom :) who helped us with the painting as a birthday present to me…


We have settled on 5 scripts, locked casts. Our RED camera technician just got a job so we’re looking for another one. We’ve all settled into our office (I’m actually writing from their right now!) which you can see Maureen and Brent (her PA) working in below…


We built all of our furniture yesterday as well which actually came out well thanks to the many hands all working together. Below our intern for ScreenCrave Laura Aguirre came to lend a helping hand and will also be PA-ing for us throughout the shoot…


More soon! Hopefully we’ll figure out the carpet and the rest of the curtains by the end of the day! Seems to be coming together though!