new moon breaks record

Twihards came out in full force on Friday for The Twilight Saga: New Moon causing the film to break box office records left and right. First, New Moon became the highest advance ticket seller off all time, and now they’ve managed to break The Dark Knight’s record for having the largest single day opening ever!

According to THR, New Moon grossed a ridiculous $72.7 million on its opening day, easily leaving Christopher Nolan‘s Dark Knight in the dust. Last summer, the sequel to Batman Begins conjured up $67.2 million within its first 24 hours of release, a number that blew the competition away. This goes to show you how dedicated Twilight fans are because New Moon was available on 8,500 screens, while The Dark Knight was shown on an astounding 9300. The vampire flick had 800 less venues and still managed to steal the record.

New Moon broke Twilight‘s opening weekend numbers within it’s first day, which makes you wonder what’s going to happen when the final numbers are tallied. According to reports, the film is expected to bank a minimum of 85 million dollars over the weekend. Even though the Cullens were able to steal THIS crown from Batman, its going to take a lot more than a set of drawn on abs, and half naked men to steal its number 2 spot as the highest grossing film of all time.

What do you think of New Moon breaking The Dark Knight’s record?