Paul Bettany was featured in last year’s hit Iron Man as the voice of Tony Stark’s electronic manservant, Jarvis. Now, that production on the sequel has wrapped, IGN thought it was safe to ask him about his part in the movie. The weird thing is, Bettany has yet to record his lines for the film and even forgot that he was in the first one.

It’s insane to think that anyone could forget a part in one of the biggest movies of 2008, but Paul Bettany did. The British actor didn’t go into his voice over role with high expectations and his workload was fairly light, which causes the role to slip his mind from time to time.

I was on the set of Legion. It was the weekend after Iron Man opened, and some of the crew came in and were like, ‘Hey, I was listening to Iron Man. You’re in Iron Man, right?’ ‘No, I’m not.’ And they said, ‘Well, it sounds like you.’ And then I went, ‘Oh, wait! I am!,’” Bettany recalled with a laugh.

The reason Bettany forgot about his part in the film was because he was added at the last minute, and the recording was only an hour worth of work.

I got rung up. The director [Jon Favreau], who I know and have worked with as actors [in Wimbledon], said, ‘Do you wanna do this thing?’ ‘Yeah, sure. F*** it. I’ll do Iron Man.’ I went in. He’s a very funny human being, obviously, and I laughed my ass off for about an hour. Literally said a couple of lines, went downstairs, got in a cab and went home.”

To this day, Bettany hasn’t recorded his voice for the sequel but you never know, he might be brought in at the last minute. If it was only an hour last time, with the extra characters added to the next film, Jarvis will probably have even less than that for the sequel.

Do you want to hear Jarvis’s voice make a return in Iron Man 2?