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Here at ScreenCrave we recently posted a list of the Highest Paid Actors Who Can’t Act, so imagine our surprise when we saw Forbes list of the Most Over Paid Celebrities? Some of the people mentioned are surprises but others are right on the money, literally. No one is safe from the financial magazine’s scorn, not Will Ferrell, not Billy Bob Thornton and not even poor Ewan McGregor.

Check out the list below…

Will Ferrell topped this year’s list of overpaid actors thanks to the horror that was last summer’s box office dud, Land of the Lost. It seemed like a win-win situation in the early stages, but when the trailers for the film started to roll out, we lost interest. The film cost an estimated $100 million and earned only $65 million at the worldwide box office. Following in his prehistoric footsteps is Ewan McGregor, who’s sort of an odd choice considering his resume.

The list was rounded out with Eddie Murphy, Ice Cube, Tom Cruise, Drew Barrymore, Leonardo DiCaprio, Samuel L. Jackson,  and Jim Carrey. Some of these people are understandable such as Murphy, Cruise and definitely Ice Cube, but Leo and Samuel? It’s hard to admit, but Body of Lies was marketed horribly and to this day I have know idea what that movie was about.

What do you think of this list of actors? Who else should be thrown under the bus?