A few months ago we told you about Guillermo del Toro’s plans to remake the Spanish language horror film The Orphanage. Everything seemed to be going in the right direction, but Arrow in the Head is reporting that attached director Larry Fessenden is no longer involved with the film.

Fessenden revealed in an interview why he decided to step away from the del Toro project to focus on other things.

The Orphanage was two years of waiting. Working on the script with Guillermo was a very exciting experience, but then I got into a casting miasma and that’s where the thing is; I think they’re gonna do it another way, actually. So I think I’m out of it. Hopefully they’ll still use my script, but I’m not sure I’m directing it anymore. That’s Hollywood for ya.”

They went on to ask him if he had another directorial gig lined up and he stated,

“I have like three movies that I wanna do that are, ironically, at this level. Just because that project [Orphanage] got my foot in the door with studios and managers, agents, all good people working hard – but the fact is I don’t trust whether or not it’ll work. You know, after you get bitten once, you’re just a little more wary.”

Is it bad that I see this as a good thing? The movie doesn’t need to be remade even with del Toro behind it and he’s a horror genius. They should take this as a sign and move on. Everything’s not meant to be remade. Who knows where the film’s development will go from here.

What do you think about The Orphanage being remade?