The Caller

Stephen Moyer, Brittany Murphy, and Luis Guzman have all landed gigs in the upcoming horror film, The Caller. True Blood’s Moyer can add this to his list of recent acting conquests thanks to the success of the HBO series. According to THR, the trio will appear in the Alcove Entertainment production that highlights one of the major cliche‘s in the genre.

Over at Bloody Disgusting, they have a rundown of the mysterious plot for The Caller.

When troubled divorcee, Mary Kee, begins to receive mysterious phone calls from an unknown caller she quickly begins to feel haunted in her own home. When she discovers that the person is calling from the past, Mary realizes that she will have to kill her in order to survive but how do you kill someone living in the past and what will happen if she fails.

At this point in Hollywood, haven’t we seen enough “caller” movies? The Scream series has exploited that device enough to last us a lifetime. The screenplay for The Caller was written by Sergio Casci, and will be directed by Matthew Parkhill. It’s sad to say, but there is nothing in this movie that sounds interesting.

Murphy and Moyer are OK, but Guzman is an amazing actor who’s been in everything under the sun. It will be odd to see him interact with the others, this is a strange group to throw together.

What do you think of the cast of The Caller?