eddie murphy adventures of fluffy

Eddie Murphy‘s recent career choices have been beyond questionable, and it sounds like his latest project will fall in line with the rest of his box office bombs. According to THR, the actor has signed on to produce a film entitled, The Misadventures of Fluffy, which will be an R rated buddy comedy.

Sam Pitman and Adam Cole-Kelly were the geniuses behind the pitch for Fluffy, that was recently sold to Paramount. The duo will also pen the screenplay for the film, which Murphy will produce and possibly star. The project is described as “a road trip flick through New York featuring talking animals, and an element of social comedy reminiscent of Murphy’s 1980’s hit Trading Places.” Paramount are behind this venture as well as Murphy’s long developing Beverly Hills Cop sequel, which the studio is currently finding writers for.

Murphy’s last two film’s Meet Dave and Imagine That did terrible at the box office. These days the only way he can put asses in the seats is if he’s playing an animated donkey. That’s so sad Eddie, where did it all go? At some point between The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps and Norbit he lost his comedic way. Murphy needs to stay away from the fat suits and return to his roots!

What do you think about Eddie Murphy’s latest project?