Hey everyone! In case you haven’t read my first two posts about Do Not Disturb, I’m a simple little online journalist who nearly 2 months ago now decided to make a film herself. I know I haven’t been very good about keeping your updated, but this whole “producing a film” thing is rather time consuming! :)

The set officially went up today, two days early thanks to Ray and Kent over at New Master’s Studios and it looks AMAZING.

We will be painting this Saturday with a group of professionals and kind friends. I started moving in some of the props and set decorations today. Sadly all of our set decoration fell through last night due to a “misunderstanding” with shipping (ah!) so I spent the entire day today running around with one of our director’s Brandon Nicholas to find new furniture that would do the part. We have everything from a headboard and a coffee table, so wish us luck for tomorrow!

Check out photos of our set below…

Last night I met up with the two directors that I’m working with as an actor, Jon Mann-Krieger and Brandon Nicholas and my cast, Diva Zappa and Jason Allen Smith to talk about our scripts! It was so nice to work on my acting again and get into that frame of mind. We also got word from Troy Garity that he will officially be joining the film and one of the films I’ll be acting in! Awesome!


  • Lock Make-Up
  • Lock Crew
  • Lock all of our equipment (which seems to be forever changing!)
  • Finish all our paperwork
  • First rehearsal with my cast!

Be back soon!