brad pit to produce and star in dark-void

Brad Pitt and his production company Plan B are about to venture into the world of video games according to Variety. The actor will take on the role of producer for the upcoming film adaptation of Dark Void. Void is an upcoming computer game title that’s produced by Capcom, and has potential to become a movie franchise.

Dark Void won’t hit shelves in the US on January 19, 2010, but that didn’t stop Pitt and Reliance Big Pictures from scoping it out as a potential film property. The game’s story centers on a pilot who crash lands in the Bermuda Triangle following a routine mission and wakes up to find himself in an alternate world resembling a primitive earth where aliens with superior technology are planning to take over civilization.

Not only will Pitt be on board to produce, but there’s speculation that he might also take on the starring role in the feature. Of course, we can all buy Brad Pitt as an action hero but is the game’s core storyline enough to fill an entire franchise? How well is the game going to fair when it’s released? What if it bombs?

What do you think of Pitt taking on Dark Void?