thanksgiving fat performances

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, all any of us can think about is stuffing our faces with food. Let’s be honest, every year the holiday turns into a gorge fest that doesn’t involve us giving thanks for anything. To soften the blow of your impending weight gain we’ve composed a list of the Top Ten Fat Performances to get you through it all. This list includes a few naturally chubby thespians as well as some fit ones who slipped on the infamous fat suit all in the name of comedy.

Find out what fat performances made our list…

10. John Belushi – Animal House

john belushi animal house

John Belushi single handedly made the “College” T-shirt the fashion statement it is today thanks to his role in the 1978 film, Animal House. He was loud, obnoxious and chubby as John “Bluto” Blutarsky in the coming of age story about a group of guys and their fraternity. His role in the film stands out so much that you forget about the young Kevin Bacon hanging out in the background. You’re too busy laughing at the guy who gets his guitar smashed in the stairwell. Good times.

9. Martin Lawrence – Big Momma’s House

martin lawrence big mommas house

Martin Lawrence slipped on a ladies fat suit for his role in Big Momma’s House 1 & 2 (did there need to be a 2?) and word on the street is that he’s doing it again for a third. In the surprisingly popular series he sports a blond wig, a moo moo, and a gun all just to tickle your funny bone. At first sight, the ensemble evokes fear and partial blindness but over time it eventually becomes funny.

8. Tyler Perry – Madea [Enter Movie Title Here]

tyler perry madea

When it comes to the art of fat suit cross-dressing, Tyler Perry has Lawrence beat. His character Mabel “Madea” Jenkins is the anchor of Perry’s multi-million dollar movie empire. The two things Madea has are an extremely distracting and hilarious pair of saggy boobs. There, I said it! Never in life has a fat suit been purposely made to have a set of droopy, “how low can you go” boobs. They’re so gross, but you can’t turn away, because in the back of your mind you know an old lady who’s built just like that. Damn you Tyler, for tapping into our subconscious!

7. Zach Galifianakis – The Hangover

zach the galifanikis the hangover

For those of you who follow the stand up comedy scene, Zach Galifianakis being funny isn’t breaking news, but last summer the masses got to see what this man was made off when he starred as the fourth wheel in the road trip movie The Hangover. His character Alan was the black sheep of an affluent family, who had his fair share of mental problems. In the film, Galifianakis steals the show with his deadpan delivery, awkward silences, and an outstanding Rain Man impression that would make Dustin Hoffman do a double take.

6. Ryan Reynolds – Just Friends

ryan reynolds just friends 2

The funniest thing about Ryan Reynolds being in a fat suit, is the thought that Ryan Reynolds could ever be fat. In the 2005 romantic comedy Just Friends, he plays a morbidly obese teenager who’s hopelessly in love with his best friend who won’t give him the time of day. Fast forward to a few years later, and we see him lean, successful, and most importantly dead sexy. The majority of the movie is spent looking at flashbacks of a double chinned Reynolds attempting to declare his love to this unsuspecting girl. Lucky b*tch!

5. Jack Black – Orange County

orange county jack black

For those of you who didn’t know, Jack Black used to be skinny back in the day (check out his performance as Sean Penn‘s younger brother in Dead Man Walking), but he soon realized that wasn’t going to be his meal ticket. He slapped on an extra 20 plus pounds and started to ham it up for the camera slap-stick style. In Orange County Black performed the majority of his scenes in a pair of tighty-whities, which were neither tight or white. They’re like the sun, you’re not supposed to look directly at them but you do anyway.

4. John Candy – Uncle Buck

john candy uncle buck

John Candy holds a special place in our hearts, because he’s crazy ass Uncle Buck! The actor starred in too many comedies to mention, but who can forget his stint as the dirty uncle from the wrong side of the tracks. He was annoying, lazy, obnoxious and sort of an a-hole, but he wasn’t our relative so it gave us free reign to point and laugh. It’s fun to watch other people suffer so we don’t have to.

3. Chris Farley – Tommy Boy

chris farley

One of the Bad Boys of Saturday Night Live Chris Farley, followed in the footsteps of John Belushi when he joined the cast in the early nineties. He had a string of movies in that decade most notably, Tommy Boy. He poked fun at himself and his size, and pound for pound he took his large frame and put it to good use with his outlandish brand of physical comedy that no one would expect him to pull off. By today’s standards, Farley’s what we would consider “Bootylicious, because he knew how to work his jelly.

2. Eddie Murphy – The Nutty Professor

eddie murphy nutty professor

Eddie Murphy is a fat suit connoisseur. He knows it like the back of his hand and has used it on many occasions. The Nutty Professor, The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps, and Norbit are all prime examples of him depending on a big belly for laughs. It’s hard to admit but watching Murphy play Professor Klump and all his family members is a guilty comedic pleasure, but what ever happened to Beverly Hills Cop and Coming to America Eddie Murphy? I guess those types of characters were too lean to take his career where it needed to go.

1. Mike Meyers – The Spy Who Shagged Me


Mike Meyers is the epitome of the fat performance actor. When he introduced the character of Fat Bastard in the sequel, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me he immediately stole the show. Who gave a shit about Austin at this point? It was all about this hairy and obese Scotsman who had a way with the ladies. Out of the entire Powers trilogy no one can forget the scene where Bastard exclaimed, “Get in my belly!” to a rightfully scared Mini-Me.

What do you think of our list of performances? Who do you think should have been included?