star trek's new khan

JJ Abrams may be getting his multiple hit TV shows confused with his multiple hit movies. There have been rumors that the villain in the sequel to last summer’s Star Trek will be none other than Khan, a role that was originated by the late Ricardo Montalban. According to reports, the director may have his Lost cast mate Nestor Carbonell, take over the part.

Recently Abrams has been putting out vibes that he might not return to direct the Star Trek sequel, due to scheduling conflicts and the script’s development. Just when you thought you couldn’t fall any lower, we get hit with this rumor that Nestor Carbonell is in the running to play the new Khan. Granted he and Montalban have a lot in common in terms of looks and a pair of dark, souless eyes, but that’s not enough to make this work.

Carbonell has made several appearances on Abram’s series Lost as the mystical Richard, a member of “The Others” who refuses to age and always looks like he’s wearing eyeliner. If this is taken seriously and Carbonell is cast as Khan, heads will roll. On a brighter note, thats the good thing about speculation, we don’t even know if Khan will be in the sequel. Let’s chalk this up as a Lost fanboy fantasy and act like it never happened.

Do you think Carbonell could make a good Khan?

Source: ComingSoon