Personally, I think that Taylor Lautner and his darling abs were completely exploited in New Moon, that being said, his body wasn’t the only thing to develop from the first to second film, so did his acting. I was as surprised as the next non-Twilighter to see that Lautner actually does the best anyone could have done with the role and in a way, wins over the audience.

After Twilight, girls were melting for Robert Pattinson as Edward, but something tells me that after New Moon, there are going to be a lot of fans swapping over to Team Jacob. For many people watching, the choice that Bella has to make between Edward and Jacob seems like an easy one, Jacob is gorgeous, sweet, takes care of her, why the hell would you go chasing after some other douchebag that left you for no good reason?

So, for those of you who lined up and have seen the movie, who won you over in New Moon?

When asked at the press conference who would win in a fight, Pattinson stated “I think it’s actually a fact that Edward would win… If I read the books correctly, so I guess I could hold on to that for my ego.” Will you be bruising his ego and swapping sides?

So, who won you over in New Moon?

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