The speculation over the long developing sequel to The Dark Knight, has calmed down over the past couple of months. Mostly due to the fact that Christopher Nolan has been working on his latest film Inception, which is currently in post production. But, a “reliable source” over at, says that Warner Bros. will soon make a big announcement regarding the future of the Caped Crusader.

Warner Brothers along with Christopher Nolan, are set to make an announcement over the next installment of the successful Batman franchise in January 2010.  After months of speculation, comments from Gary Oldman at Comic Con and of course, the endless list of quotes from Sir Michael Caine about the number of possible villains for the sequel, this should give Batman fans everywhere a decent amount of closure.

The only downside to this rumor, is a recent interview from Caine (again!) stating that Batman 3 won’t happen for the next couple of years, so now we’re completely confused about the film’s status. We’ll just have to sit pretty and wait until next year to figure out what the hell’s going on with the series.

Do you think Chris Nolan will be back? If not, who should replace him?