rob marshall to direct pirates 4

Months ago rumors surfaced that Chicago and Nine director Rob Marshall would take over directing duties on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. According to AICN, the director confirmed himself at a Q&A event that took place after an early screening of Nine, that he would in fact direct Pirates 4.

Here’s the snippet, which featured the big scoop:

I just saw the DGA screening of Rob Marshall’s latest movie, Nine tonight and stayed for the Q & A after, so I thought I’d write in to share my thoughts. First, let me just get the HUGE scoop out of the way: when asked about his next project (by Nora Ephron, who hosted the Q&A), he replied ‘y’know, it’s something that I was offered and never in the world thought I would do but then I was like ‘why not?’… I’m doing Pirates of the Caribbean….”’ That’s right– Rob Marshall is directing the next installment of the ‘Pirates’ franchise. The only additional thing he mentioned about it was that he had a wonderful meeting with Johnny a little while ago and that they’re both excited to work together.

This is obviously Marshall’s take on the whole thing, and it would be great to see him work with this type of action as compared to his usual musical material. The studio backing Pirates (Disney), have yet to put out an official release stating this news, but it appears that when they do Marshall will be ready and willing.

The fact that he mentioned meeting with Johnny Depp may add a bit of relief to die hard fans of the series who were afraid that the actor might not return for the new film. Sometimes if an actor dislikes a studio, but cares for the director they’ll take on the film regardless of their other issues. Here’s to hoping Depp and Marshall got along as nicely as he says.

What do you think of Rob Marshall directing Nine?