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A new image has been released from next month’s Avatar and it features Zoe Saldana‘s character, Neytiri. Over the past few weeks, we’ve been flooded with promotion for the film so this latest photo comes as no surprise. Over at USA Today, they were able to post this new image of the actress in character as her Na’vi counterpart.

Check out the full photo below…

It’s eery how the CGI animation in this film manages to capture the physical characteristics of the actors. Not just with Saldana, but with all the other actors you can differentiate between them because they still have their faces. Since it took over 14 years to bring this film to the big screen the technology needs to be up to par. Avatar is directed by James Cameron and will be his first narrative feature film since the massive commercial and critical hit, Titanic.

Avatar is scheduled to hit theaters on December 18th, and stars Sam Worthington, Sigourney Weaver, Michelle Rodriguez, and Stephen Lang. A lot of people are skeptical about whether or not this movie will be a success due to its massive budget and mixed trailer response. We won’t know until it actually hits theaters so until then…

Check out the latest photo.

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