Had a production meeting with all our DPs, Directors, Producers, Sound and AD this weekend. With a production like ours it makes for a full room. Overall, this had been an amazing project. You always hear that movies are made in post, well I’m here to tell you if you don’t have all your shit together in pre-production, your production and post will all be screwed. Given our time restraints, everyone is working around the clock. My goal was to hire a crew with the same drive as myself and somehow I managed to do it. We have a great group of people with an amazing “can do” attitude. It’s amazing that when you have no money, people seem to be doing things for the right reasons.

Our crew that I can announce now are…

Our DPs:

  • Stefan Silvers for Jon Mann-Krieger’s “Intrinsic”
  • James Mann for Brandon Nicholas’ “Death Takes a Holiday”
  • Jeremy M. Lundborg for Laura Henry’s “Promo Night”
  • Still haven’t locked Petro’s but we’ll let you know when we do! His script is probably the craziest of the bunch

Other Crew:

  • Our AD Cullen Metcalf and possibly 6th director (yes, I’m that crazy)
  • Sound Mixer: Edan Mason

After the meeting we learned that all the DPs wanted two things, better lights and a bigger room. More lights, more money. Bigger room, more carpet, more paint, more money. BUT we were able to make it work! We are lucky enough to be working with Indie Rentals who normally sponsor our Garden Parties, but have now come on as a sponsor for our film as well and were able to give us all the lights and accessories we need for a great deal! All our DPs looked over their equipment and agreed that they were the place to rent from. Indie(rentals) I love you!

As far as casting goes, we’re still locking down who is doing what (schedules make everything tricky), but for now, here are all our leading ladies….

  • Diva Zappa as “The Maid” – Madly in love with the hotel, she investigates everyone in it. Is she crazy or just dedicated? You decide.
  • Maureen Flannigan as “The Hooker” without the heart of gold, she’s willing to do anything, well that is until she meets Bart and he goes one step too far…
  • Lindsay Pulsipher is Petro’s Mystery script
  • Mali Elfman as “The Mystery Date” who may not exactly be what she seems.

As for the men, we’re working on schedules but are looking to work with:

  • Troy Garity as Bart
  • Eric Balfur as The Astronaut
  • Desperately hoping for Joseph Gordon-Levitt to come on as our sleaze-ball, but he’s busy with SNL at the moment and quite popular at the moment.

Sad news, Aaron Platt and Oli Hecks are officially off the project due to time constraints, so we’ve found a new director for one of my favorite scripts by Christie Ko. Long time actor who recently has just started directing, Eric Balfur will be helming Duccios Madonna. This is just breaking as of last night, so once we lock his DP we’ll tell you more!

Also, with no time, we’ve actually managed to have one open shooting day, and our AD Cullen is debating shooting something himself. Possibly our inserts between scenes, and possibly something else. We’ll let you know soon!

So on the list for today:

  • Lock Cast
  • Lock Make-up
  • Go Buy/Rent the Rest of Props and Set Decoration
  • Lock all DPs
  • Find out if Cullen is doing a 6th film!