julia stiles black cat spiderman

A couple of days ago we brought you news that Rachel McAdams might be in the running to play the feline love interest/villain in the upcoming Spider-Man film. Once the rumor grew, the actress in question decided to debunk the story by stating that it’s totally untrue. With that piece of hope gone another actress has emerged as a possibility, Julia Stiles.

Julia Stiles is a very talented actress, but she doesn’t seem to have that sexy anti-hero thing going on for her at first glance. According to UGO, she’s already met with the casting company in New York  for Spider-Man 4 to discuss the role of the Black Cat. They didn’t divulge any more details beyond that but I’m starting to see a theme here. We’ve already heard from multiple sources that the character does pop up in the screenplay for the film, and all these rumored actresses just so happen to look alike.

Stop it with the denial Sam Raimi, we know something’s up here. As a fan of Stiles, it would be great for her to appear in a major franchise film (besides the Bourne trilogy), that would involve her taking on a larger role. The only problem is, she doesn’t come off as the Black Cat type. It’s a really shallow thing to say, because as an actress, it’s your job to be a chameleon and take on various personas. Stiles just doesn’t have that “thing” that would make her believable in this role, but here’s to hoping for the best.

If this is true, do you think Stiles would make a good Black Cat?