47 ronin carl rinsch

For those of you who thought the upcoming Alien prequel would be directed by Carl Rinsch, think again. The commercial helmer was seen as the predecessor to the film franchise when Ridley Scott announced that a new installment was on the horizon. Unfortunately, Rinsch has traded the sci-fi genre for something based on a true story, like the Keanu Reeves film 47 Ronin.

47 Ronin is an epic samurai tale that will mark Rinsch’s first feature directing gig. His Alien dreams fell through when original helmer Ridley Scott decided to take over instead. A move that had the studio’s hands all over it, but that’s the nature of the beast. This left Rinsch’s schedule open for other projects and 47 Ronin is the first on his list.

As previously stated, Keanu Reeves has been cast in the lead role, which was written with him in mind. The actor is of Asian decent and that will fall into context with the plot that centers on a band of samurai swordsmen who avenge the death of their master in 18th century Japan. If we can accept Tom Cruise as The Last Samurai, we should let Reeves have his way with this one.

A lot of people are amped to see this story play out on the big screen, and there will be some added pressure due to the inexperience of the director.

What do you think of Carl Rinsch taking on 47 Ronin?

Source: Variety