bradley cooper sam worthington the texas killing fields

Bradley Cooper and Sam Worthington are everywhere these days, nipping at the heels of every major film that’s going into production. According to Pajiba, there’s word that the Australian and the American are on board for the Michael Mann produced film, The Texas Killing Fields.

According to the site, Mann won’t direct the film, instead that honor will go to his daughter Ami Mann (not the singer). A few months back there was word that Danny Boyle might take on The Texas Killing Fields, but the director thought it was too dark to ever get made. He loved the script and thought it would transfer onto screen beautifully, but he felt that there would have to be a lot of star power behind it for a studio to take it on.

That was back in February, fast forward to today, Boyle in no longer attached and two up and coming stars may take on the lead roles in the film. Ami Mann was the second unit director on Heat, and was attached to Monsoon a film that was in development, but has yet to see the light of day. As a fan of both actors attached, there isn’t a real downside to them being involved. At this point in the industry, we need some new blood and taking on a film of this nature may be what the actor’s need to take their careers to the next level.

What do you think about Worthington and Cooper being cast in The Texas Killing Fields?