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Wes Anderson is a very unique individual and a talented director. Unfortunately, the man behind Fantastic Mr. Fox was trashed a few weeks ago by the film’s cinematographer Tristan Oliver, for his unconventional directing methods. According to the NYDailyNews, Fox co-star Bill Murray had a few things to say in defense of Mr. Anderson.

Oliver was originally quoted as saying, “Contact with people disturbs him. [He'd rather] spend an entire day locked inside an empty room with a computer.” Recently, Bill Murray (who plays Badger in the movie) was cornered at a premiere party for the film and chalked up Oliver’s response to Anderson’s methods as “crazy talk.” He also went on to say,

“There’s no way you can make that movie unless you isolate yourself. Tristan should be happy he got this job.”

Touche, Mr. Murray, touche! Fantastic Mr. Fox is an amazing film that may find itself as one of the front runners for a Best Animated Feature Oscar if all goes well during awards season. Anderson may not play by the traditional rules of filmmaking, but whatever he’s doing works!

Interestingly enough, shortly after the statements of Oliver were released, he retracted saying that he was “misquoted.” We’ve all heard that excuse before. Someone wanted their career to have some type of longevity, so they tried to minimize the damage. Fantastic Mr. Fox opened as a limited release this past weekend, and will expand everywhere on November 25th.

What do you think about Murray’s defense of Anderson? Was Oliver wrong to dish to the media?