We’ve been able to interview Kristen Stewart at a number of round tables and press conferences over the past year or so and until now, she’s always appeared to be painful uncomfortable, swaying in her chair, constantly brushing her hand through her hair, and speaking in incomplete sentences. At the press conference for New Moon, she sat strong and declared her new found comfort in saying what she believes despite her fear of crowds (and I’m guessing blood-sucking journalists)…

I think I’ve gotten a lot more comfortable with talking about myself and knowing that what you say people are really going to take into consideration and that always intimidated me so much that I minced every word that came out of my mouth. I couldn’t finish a sentence because I was so concerned about how it was going to sound. I didn’t want to come across insincere about something that I really love to do. So I realized that instead of refraining from saying I’ve put my heart and soul into this thing and I love it, that’s what I should’ve said instead of, like the really logical, over analytical reason why I love it. You just do…

For another solid 25 minutes or so, her answers were clear, she was obviously well prepped, and she looked on top of her game, that was until the last question (which was extremely relevant to anyone who has seen the movie) threw her back to her old ways….

You talked about Bella being a good role model for young girls, and yet she seems willing to sacrifice everything for Edward. She gets depressed about a love affair that goes flat and becomes an adrenaline junkie who’s trying to kill herself in a way. Are you worried about twelve or thirteen year old girls watching this and getting a terrible idea of what’s that like?

Stewart: It’s a very extreme story. I think people who take to this story need to be a little bit more mature than that. I think the only reason that they take to it is because they are. The only way that I can justify that, and maybe I’m an immature girl as well, I really feel like if you feel like you need to do it then you need to do it. It being anything. Then after you’re told that you’ve made a mistake and that you’re wrong, if you’re willing to say that you made a mistake and that you were wrong and that you’re going to try the next thing there’s nothing to be ashamed of there at all. Be extreme. Go for it. I think that’s the point. I know this is a movie about immortality but you live once. I’m also not preaching to anybody. I’m just standing behind the story. That’s what I think.

When talking about suicide it’s a bad thing to encourage young teenage girls who have just broken up with Bobby and think it’s the end of the world to “Be extreme. Go for it.” It should be obvious that what she means is that her character is extreme and for her CHARACTER, she had to follow her instincts and act in those ways. Sadly, it just didn’t come out that way.

That being said, bravo to you Stewart for the press conference! As one might know from my “Why Press Conferences Suck: The George Clooney Example” post, I think that press conferences are one of the hardest thing for an actor to do, so that being said, just don’t kill yourself and say Bella told you to do it and we’ll all be okay.