Fantastic Mr. Fox opened in limited theaters this past weekend, and if you were lucky enough to check it out, you were exposed to Wes Anderson‘s genius take on the children’s book of the same name. After watching the movie, many of you probably walked a way with a few favorites in terms of scenes and characters. So, we want to know what your favorite part of Fantastic Mr. Fox was? Did you enjoy the animation, the dancing, the chase, or the infamous “cussing” scenes?

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My favorite part of this film included anything that featured the young cubs, Ash and Kristofferson. They were so adorable and out of the loop, but they had their own little storyline going on. Jason Schwartzman and Eric Anderson did a great job of bringing those characters to life. Even though you couldn’t see the actor’s faces, you could still imagine them delivering the lines in your head, which made it even more hilarious. Between the karate, and their homemade bandit hats, they stole the show.

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What was your favorite part of Fantastic Mr. Fox? If it’s not listed in our poll, leave a comment telling us what you liked best.