Leaves of Grass - Edward Norton

A while ago we brought you some info regarding Tim Blake Nelson‘s film, Leaves of Grass. It stars Edward Norton as twin brothers with the usual format of one being good and the other being bad. It’s not so much a story about good verses evil as it is straight-laced verses a free spirit. A trailer was recently released for the film and we get to see Norton get crazy country and Keri Russell wrestle with an alligator. Sound like good fun?

Check out the trailer…

Leaves of Grass centers on “Bill Kincaid, an Ivy League classics professor, who “returns to rural Oklahoma to bury his dangerously brilliant identical twin brother, only to discover that the brother he believes to have been murdered has lured him home to involve him in a doomed plot against a local drug lord.” The cast also includes Oscar winners Susan Sarandon and Richard Dreyfuss in a couple of unconventional southern roles.

The film appeared at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival this year, and was written and directed by co-star Nelson. Norton and Nelson appeared opposite one another over a year ago in the comic book movie, The Incredible Hulk. Isn’t it nice to see them together again?

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What do you think of the trailer for Leaves of Grass?