women in trouble

We’ve had Carla Gugino tease us enough with all her sexy posters and telling us that she’s not wearing any underwear, now it’s time to check out the porno-drama with meaning, Women in Trouble. From a brilliant cast, to a uinique story, this is a great film to take your friends to this weekend to have a good laugh without losing any brain cells.

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The Players

The Plot

No matter what kind of women you are, days the day you’re in trouble. A pregnant porn star, a couple of call girls, a scorned psychiatrist, a teenage goth, a flight attendant with a crush on a famous passenger… all come together in one terrible day.

The Good

  • The Tone: Instead of doing the obvious which is to either mock these women, or to try to justify them, we just spend a day with them, seeing them for their good sides and bad. The fact that all their stories revolve around sex is just a side note to everything going on within the story itself.
  • The Feel: Overall it’s a small budget movie that can stand up to any $30 million film you see now-a-days. It’s got a good story, good actors, and very well put together
  • The Female Cast: You have a lovely, cast of gorgeous ladies who all know how to make your laugh or cry at the drop of a hat. On smaller projects it often looks like you have a group of friends out on set messing around, but in this film, although they were all friend, you got something that felt genuine for the audience, not just the actors.
  • The Costumes: Although you have Emmanuelle running around in ass-less chaps for the entire film, at no time did the characters or actors feel exploited for the screen. In a world where women are used and judges by their bodies, Gutierrez managed to have women in their underwear and have it be just another thing. In a way it felt empowering to women, because the skimpy costumes weren’t imposed upon them, they were what was right for the film.
  • The Boys: Josh Brolin stole the show as a junkie musician with great comedic timing. It’s great to see him break out of his usual, all American shell which he’s recently been in and show that he’s got many sides to him. Simon Baker gets to play the husband you don’t like and he should be happy to know that I did in fact not like him. Enough said. If you want to see Joseph Gordon Levitt, you’re going to have to be patient, but trust me, the pay off is worth it.
  • Ending: Make sure you stick around until the VERY end… I didn’t and had to go back.

The Bad

  • Pacing: Although I loved how quick and easy the film was to watch, some of the stories felt a bit incomplete and I would have gladly sat though another 20 minutes or so. I guess that’s why Elektra Luxx got her own film out of this.


The film definitely plays with stereotypes of cinema in a fun and yet unique way. It doesn’t necessarily break knew ground but it’s an easy film to sit back with your friends and enjoy. Chances are there will be something to make you laugh, something to shock you and in the end leave you with something worth thinking about. =

Rating: 7/10

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Women in Trouble hits theaters on November 13

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