woody harrelson colbert report

Woody Harrelson is taking his role as a soldier in this week’s The Messenger very seriously. The actor recently appeared on the hit Comedy Central show, The Colbert Report to promote the movie and support the troops. To show his patriotism, he allowed host Stephen Colbert to shave his head, while they both performed a unique rendition of the National Anthem.

Check out the video below…

There are a few things that can be said about this video. One of them is the surprising harmony that these two have going on. Stephen carries the higher notes quite well, which is very unexpected. Secondly, Harrelson has been known to have short hair, or a shaved head in the past so is this really a stretch? He’s not treading any unknown territory with this “new” do.

To be fair, the fact that he willingly got in a chair with Colbert and some clippers shows his dedication to a good cause. The actor appears in the indie drama The Messenger, about two soldiers who are the bearer’s of bad news to countless families by informing them of a loved one’s death. The film’s directed by Oren Moverman and is scheduled to hit theaters today.

Check out Woody and Colbert in action:

What do you think about about Woody’s patriotic gesture?