saw vii will be in 3-d

When Saw VI hit theaters last month it was mostly overlooked due to the phenomenon that is Paranormal Activity. It debuted at number 2 with 14 million dollars as compared to the larger numbers previous installments have produced. To date the film has only brought in a domestic gross of 27 million and somehow for the people over at Lionsgate, that’s enough to warrant another sequel.

For most studio executives, that type of box office performance would put the final nail in the coffin of any franchise, but not for Lionsgate.

“As long as we make money on it we’ll keep doing this,” Lionsgate vice chairman Michael Burns said at the Media and Money conference in New York, noting that such franchises tend to have a long shelf life across different platforms. Dirty Dancing, he said, still sells 2,000 DVDs a day for the company, and that’s after 20 years.

It may be hard to believe but Saw VI did manage to make a profit because its initial budget was only 11 million dollars. They earned that back and then some. In order to keep somewhat of a fresh take on the series the next film is expected to be in 3-D, following the current Hollywood trend with most movies these days.

We would be surprised to hear how much money studios manage to make off their film’s once their no longer in theaters. The main issue a lot of people have with Saw is the declining quality. The films are a bunch of torture scenes strung together, at least the first one had somewhat of a plot. How long do they think they can keep skating by on this material?

What do you think of Saw VII in 3-D?

Source: Reuters