zachary quinto gets romantic

Here’s a dream come true for millions of sci-fi fans all over the globe. If you were taken aback by the sexual tension between Spock and Uhura in last summer’s Star Trek, there’s a lot more where that came from. According to THR, the Vulcan character’s portrayer Zachary Quinto may be getting romantic for his next feature film role.

According to the trade, the actor is in negotiations to star in a Canadian indie called, Whirlgig. It’s a romantic comedy that will have him leading the cast in his first feature since his breakout stint in Trek. The actor is loosely attached to the film that centers on a man who, in a misguided attempt to woo an older woman, befriends the woman’s adopted son. Doesn’t that sound intriguing?

Quinto is currently a series regular on the NBC show Heroes (which really needs to be canceled at this point) as the villain you love to hate Sylar. He also had a supporting role on 24, and did several other TV spots before hitting it big. He’s already signed on to reprise his role as Spock in the Star Trek sequel, and is looking to capitalize on some of the heat he’s generated after being in the first film.

Hopefully this will open all types of doors for Quinto, because he’s a really talented guy who deserves his fair shot at success. Heroes, doesn’t do him justice, and as a former fan, the writing for that show has gone down the tubes since their highly successful first season. Maybe, this will be his way out of that poorly developed hell hole, because that show’s going nowhere fast.

What do you think about Zachary Quinto taking on a romantic comedic role?