mad men, buffy pen fright night remake

Since every other decent horror film is being remade, you had to know it would only be a matter of time before studio executives remembered a little flick called, Fright Night. The original film that debuted in theaters back in 1985 will be revamped by DreamWorks Studios, and they’ve already hired a screenwriter for the job.

Writer-producer Marti Noxon is one of the creative powers behind the AMC hit  Mad Men and also had a hand in the successful series Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. According to Reuters, she’s been tapped by Steven Spielberg’s company to write a script for their new take on Fright Night. The original film starred Chris Sarandon, Roddy Piper, and William Ragsdale and was written and directed by Tom Holland.

So far the only specifics we’re being given regarding the remake is that it will maintain the comedy-horror tone while modernizing the effects. This should be interesting considering the background of Noxon. She’s had her hand in hardcore drama, with a touch of comedy and horror. Her experience on Buffy and Angel may be her best references for sticking to the tone of the original film.

Fright Night had a very campy theme to it, with that old school “the kid who knows to much” convention that we see in a lot of movies regardless of the genre. It will be interesting to see how they cast this thing, perhaps with one of the young actors from The CW (that’s a joke, a terrible one but still)?

What do you think of Fright Night being remade?