inception pushes batman 3 back to 2011

Whenever we need some type of light shed on the Christopher Nolan Batman franchise, we know we can always depend on Sir Michael Caine to spill the beans. Recently, the actor spoke about the status of the pending third film in the series and he didn’t sound to too hopeful about it.

According to IGN via the magazine Shortlist, Caine isn’t too enthusiastic about another film being produced for the Caped Crusader’s franchise. The actor has been back tracking on a few of the statements he’s made in the past regarding the movie with his recent quotes. Not too long ago he was naming off villain castings and giving out tentative start dates, but now not so much.

“As for the future… if they ever make another Batman I will be in, I will be the butler. But I don’t know if they are ever going to make another Batman. If they do it won’t be for quite a while.”

Didn’t we know this already? It might be fair to assume that Nolan has no intention of bringing back Bats until he’s good and ready, and can you really blame him? Who wouldn’t be intimidated when following up a movie that went on to make over a billion dollars at the box office, receive a four star rating, and include an Oscar winning performance? The third installment of any trilogy is always hard to produce without becoming a victim of the pitfalls of lazy writing. So, those of you who are waiting for that third outing, keep holding on because it’s going to be a while.

Are you ready for another Batman movie?