2012: Running From Fire and Ash

Roland Emmerich destroys the world again and this time, there’s no place to hide! If you believe the Mayans that the end of the world is less than 3 years away. Doesn’t that sound like something that should be exploited in theaters? If you’re a fan of these types of movies, than chances are, you know Roland and you exactly what you’re paying to see when you walk into that theater. The film is a triumph for its genre and will not disappoint those looking for to see some major destruction.

The Players:

The Plot:

2012 comes and the world comes to an end. Simple and sweet. The whole added thing of a few lucky ones who get to go on an arch (made by the Chinese) to survive is also there, but we know why you’re all really going… the giant waves!

The Good:

  • Action: When the world first starts falling apart the action is so intense and tangible that you’ll literally feel like you can put your hands in the air and go for a ride with the air (and lava) blowing through your hair. If there is one thing that Roland knows how to do it’s send nature after humans, and he does so well.
  • The Topic of Religion: As much as this is a fun film, it isn’t afraid to poke fun at the government and religion on it’s way to mass destruction. The Queen, the Pope, our Governator, none are spared.
  • Detail of Mega-Sets: From the tiny men dangling from huge buildings to the huge cracks in the asphalt, nothing in this film was left behind, everything was thought about and well executed. The special effects team on this film were (as expected) absolutely amazing.
  • Unsympathetic: No one is safe in Roland’s world and he makes no apologies when he kills of characters you’re almost sure will make it to the end. Of course if you’re religious, you’re dead.

The Bad:

[Note: Anything that I didn't like only pertains to this movie if you're judging it in terms of a "normal film." This is not a film, it's an action pack thrill RIDE. Don't start picking at it because you want everything to be based in facts. This is not an educational film, there are no "facts" in Roland land, just enjoy the waves!]

  • Melodrama: As to be expected, but yes it’s there. Sometimes you’ll be yelling at the screen saying “I don’t care if you all die, lets get to the next way of killing everyone!”
  • Length: It’s a loong wild ride and chances are that by the end of it, your ass will be numb. It could have 20 minutes cut out of it and we’d all be fine with it.
  • Same Tricks: He does repeat some of the same tricks within the movie. Three times in a row, a plane has the exact same issues taking off. Once or twice would be okay, but three times?


There is nothing really new  in the film, but it knows what it is and is honest about it.

Rating: 8/10

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