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Just yesterday we brought you the awesome new teaser trailer from Matthew Vaughn’s Kick-Ass. The movie will be based on the Mark Millar graphic novel about a teenager who takes matters into his own hands by becoming a vigilante crime fighter.

Check out the new poster for Kick-Ass below…

The tagline on this poster pretty much sums up everything this film represents. “I can’t fly but I can kick your ass.” How can you not be drawn to something like that? The movie is rated R for violence and language, which are the two things that make it great. Typically, excessive “anything” doesn’t work for me, but somehow Kick-Ass gets the job done.

The film stars Aaron Johnson as Kick-Ass, Nicolas Cage as Big Daddy, Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Red Mist, and Chloe Moretz as Hit Girl. Does that sound like a crime fighting group you want to mess with? This film isn’t on the same level as Iron Man, but it does have potential to become a cult and commercial hit. We’ll find out what happens when it’s released next spring.

Kick-Ass hits theaters everywhere on April 16, 2010.


What do you think of the latest poster for Kick-Ass?

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