marc-webb direct moneyball

The career of 500 Days of Summer director Marc Webb has been given a major boost since the release of the indie hit this past summer, and now there’s an even bigger film on the horizon. According to a report from THR, Webb may be in line to replace Steven Soderbergh on the developing drama, Moneyball.

According to the trade, several potential directors have met with Brad Pitt and the executive producers of the film. Two primary candidates have risen to the top of the pile and they’re directors Bennet Miller and Webb. Miller is the man behind the Oscar winning feature Capote, and for the most part since the breakout film he’s been laying low. He’s not overrun with projects at the moment, but is developing Foxcatcher, a real-life tale about a schizophrenic member of the DuPont family.

Webb on the other hand has decided to hit the ground running. He’s been approached with several projects including a remake of the rock-opera, Jesus Christ Superstar. These are two tonally different directors, who could each bring something unique to the story of an underdog baseball player.

It’s hard to say who should be given the greenlight on this project because there’s something to like about both of these guys. Visually, Webb is amazing, which may date back to his days as a music video director. His projects always have a certain look to them, a high quality gloss. On the other hand, the film might need a raw, dim silhouette to dominate the screen similar to Miller’s work in Capote. Who knows where the studio will go with this.

Who do you think should direct Moneyball?