worlds longest film screened

Have you ever sat in a theater and watched a film that went on for entirely too long? For me, Zack Snyder‘s Watchmen comes to mind, but there’s something out there that makes that movie look like a 10 minute short. According to The Telegraph, the world’s longest film will be screened over in France later this month and again early next year, and you won’t believe how long it is.

Back in 1978, Cinematon began and featured three and a half minute segments of footage from celebrities, artists, philosophers and journalists, as well as young children. It was filmed by Gerard Courant, who wanted to capture the thoughts of his artistic friends. Ever since then, the film has been an ongoing project and this year it will finally be screened for audiences.

Cinematon clocks in at 150 hours, and has taken over 30 years to make it to the theater. The film features plenty of actors, musicians and directors including The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus helmer, Terry Gilliam and Oscar winner Roberto Benigni. The entire project highlights a specific person for under four minutes per segment and allows them to do whatever they want within that time frame.

“Courant only intended to film 100 short portraits and edit them together for his project, but it proved so popular that he kept filming.” Because of his interest and desire to keep filming we have an 150 hour behemoth that will literally take days to get through. No matter how interesting the subject matter, it will be surprising to see how people get through this thing.

Would you watch an 150 hour film?