underworld director to take on the apocalypse

Len Wiseman, the genius behind the vampire-werewolf film series Underworld has decided to attack viewers from a new vantage point. According to THR, the producer-director will be taking on the apocalyptic story entitled, Nocturne that Jeremy Passmore and Andre Fabrizzio recently pitched to Fox.

The project is based on an original idea about a group of people who survive the end of the world and the mystery surrounding how they got to that position. Currently no writers are attached to the pen the screenplay, but the studio is actively seeking people to take on the story. The last feature Wiseman directed was the 2007 sequel, Live Free Die Hard, which was the fourth installment of the popular Bruce Willis action series.

Until the details for this apocalyptic film are ironed out, Wiseman has a few other projects on the horizon to occupy his time. Atlantis Rising and the futuristic war epic Shrapnel are both likely possibilities, but neither of them have been given the green light. There’s also been talk of him working on the fourth Underworld film, which might be a treat for those of you who actually care about that franchise.

What do you think of Len Wiseman taking on an apocalyptic film?