Journalists, or even worse, bloggers are known for (sorry friends) being complainers. Of course I like to think that I am the exception, but come on now, I’ve done my share of bitching and said plenty of “not nice” things to those far superior than I. Nothing is ever right. We complain about the costumes, we say the story isn’t good enough, the actors don’t know how to act… etc. etc.

If you know me, you know I hate writing anything about myself. I attempt never to use the word “I”, I leave myself out of tweets, and try to put a journalists spin on our coverage. The few times I have walked red carpets I’ve felt more uncomfortable than you could imagine.

Throughout my life I’ve been surrounded by film-makers. My father a well known composer, my uncle a cult directing legend, my grandmother a screenwriter (who is still writing and pitching), my mother a ballerina (not a film-maker but an entertainer still), and others in my family who are actors who run the gamut from A-listers to myself, who more than likely, you’ve never heard of… at least as an actor.

It’s safe to say I’ve met a lot of people “in the biz”. The one thing they all have in common, especially right now, is that they’re waiting. Waiting for the right job, their next job, an opportunity, something. So why not do something about it?

Well friends, I’m putting my money where my mouth is and am making my first film. Over the past six weeks I have been laying the tracks, and as of now, everything is a go, and we’re two weeks away from our first day of shooting. Over the next month I will be producing, alongside co-producer (who I could not live without) Maureen Flannigan, a film by Mali Elfman.

I’ve been describing the film as such: It has the style of New York, I Love You with the tone of Four Rooms. We have five very different directors all tackling 5 short films that will all be tied together with one dark, sadistic, humorous, bow. I like to think of it as an intense Lego project tentatively titled Do Not Disturb.

The idea came after Comic-Con, when my apartment was flooded and I was housed in a hotel for 3 months. Live in a hotel long enough and you see a lot of crazy people. Myself and a friend were sitting by the pool, watching the people go by and started creating stories for them. One thing led to another and a concept was born. Next, our directors:

  • Petro Papahadjopoulos: Music video director
  • Brandon Nicholas: Film-maker who just finished his own independent feature Desert Son
  • Jon Mann-Krieger: Art Center student and director who I have collaborated with before
  • Laura Henry: Acting teacher and theater director who is about to put up her production of “Picnic”
  • Oli Hecks: Musician, Photographer and Editor

Chances are you don’t know them… yet, but if you’ve seen what I have, you know that they all have potential to be greats. Each one was given a basic synopsis and rules to follow and are currently locking scripts while we attempt to lock in cast and crew. We’ve had some great actors show interest, but I won’t talk about yet.

With art directing duo Camille Hecks and Ariana Nakata working on decorating our beige hotel room, our sets about to be put up, our carpet picked out, and our camera and equipment (almost) locked in, we’re on our way… A few weeks ago we locked down our soundstage in El Segundo. The place is called New Master’s Studios and it’s gorgeous. I can’t wait to show you all photos!

I have no idea if people care about this, but I will be updating you on our progress with videos, pictures, and more on making the film.

Cheers to something new!

***Update: We’ve wrapped filming! Below are videos and photos from the film****