snl does twilight with firelight

This past weekend something amazing hit the small screen and it came from Saturday Night Live. It’s been a long time since the show has produced a digital short that could make you cry from laughter, but they’ve managed to do so. Country singer Taylor Swift was recently the host and musical guest for the show and pulled off one of the best Twilight spoof’s known to man. It features Swift as Bella, and let’s just say upfront she does a better job in this two minute piece than Kristen Stewart does in the entire franchise.

Take a look at Firelight

The story of Firelight takes the focus off of the vampire-human relationship and places it on Frankenstein and his crew. Bella is drawn to Phillip Frank (Bill Hader) who is a part of the infamous Franks family. Just like in Twilight, the duo tries to fight their feelings for one another due to their obvious differences.

SNL hits the nail on the head with Swift’s casting in this parody. She’s great as Bella and Bill Hader is great in everything so no surprise there. Also, the introduction of Frankenstein’s arch enemy Lomax, who’s an obvious take on Jacob the werewolf, was an interesting twist. Who knew that the mummy was Frankenstein’s nemesis?

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What do you think of SNL’s take on Twilight with Firelight?