Star Wars Revelations

Have you ever heard of a Star Wars film entitled, Revelations? Off the top of your head the name probably doesn’t sound familiar, but that’s because its one of the many Star Wars fan films that are produced every year. The only difference between this one and the countless others is its significantly larger budget and longer run time. According to The Old Republic, Revelations was released on April 17 ,2005 prior to Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, and tries to explain why the Jedi Order was extinct in the original trilogy.

Revelations was directed by Shane Felux, and here’s a bit of his mission statement for the film.

Revelations is a non-profit Star Wars fan film that was shot within the Northern Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC Metro Area. Revelations is made possible through a combined effort of artists, fans and the local film industry. Everyone who has worked on Revelations is a volunteer. No one is paid to make this film. Panic Struck Productions set out to produce their first independent film with a very small budget and the result is Revelations.

The goal has always been to push the limit of independent film making and show what can be done with a dedicated cast/crew, the vision of Panic Struck Productions, and the affordable solutions in today’s market in terms of film and video. We also wanted to showcase the large pool of talented individuals who are out there and show how an independent film such as Revelations can push the limit of small Hollywood.

Check out the whole movie for yourself over on Google Video.

What do you think of Star Wars:Revelations? Have you seen better fan films?