This week in theaters, Roland Emmerich, the master of cinematic world-destruction will be releasing his latest film 2012 with Amanda Peet and John Cusack. The film feels like you’re on a roller-coaster ride with the world crashing down around you. The only way to make the movie even more fun is to add some booze! We all know that Emmerich likes to add a few jokes about religion and politics while coming up with the best damn way to kill everyone in the world, so why not cheers to another Emmerich masterpiece?

Without further ado, I introduce to you, The Roland Emmerich Drinking Game!

Drink Whenever You See:

  • A Giant Wave – Bigger the wave, bigger the chug!
  • A Political Figure Being Mocked
  • A Religious Icon Being Killed/Destroyed
  • A Plane take off, dip down, and then regain flight
  • A crack suddenly appears, opens up and tries to consume someone
  • You hear someone with a ridiculous over the top accent
  • You see a tiny little man in the background dangling off a building and then falling to his death

Bonus Shots: Drink every time you think Woody Harrelson shot his scenes high.

Follow these simple rules and I guarantee you’ll be shitfaced by the end of the film! Enjoy!

Note: This drinking game was made for 2012, but with a few minor adjustments you could also use it for The Day After Tomorrow or Independence Day. Just swap Woody for Jeff Goldblum and waves for explosions in Independence Day. And for The Day After Tomorrow, add in whenever you see someone breathing in and out fake movie breath.