lost chaplin film found for cheap

There’s no denying the cultural significance of Charlie Chaplin. He’s a legend in physical comedy and filmmaking, so what would you do if you found a rare copy of his work for under ten dollars? This past Friday that was the revelation that was made by millions of Chaplin fans when they discovered one of his lost films on the auctioning site eBay.

According to The Star.com, Monica Park an unsuspecting fan purchased what was described as “an old film” for £3.20 on eBay. Little did she know that the film she bought would be Charlie Chaplin in Zepped, a 7 minute short that was shot in 1916 during the first World War. It was supposed to be used as propaganda to reduce fear in Britain of German airship attacks, but it magically disappeared.

After the film find was made public historians and fans everywhere regarded this as one of the largest cinematic discoveries in the past 100 years. Because of its importance and rarity people are awaiting for Zepped to be transferred over to film stock asap to preserve it for future generations.

Michael Pogorzelski, director of the archive at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Los Angeles, told The Guardian: “It is an extremely interesting find” believed to be put together from outtakes of earlier films and shots of Zeppelins and other material. The fragile 35 mm nitrate film should be transferred to film quickly to preserve it.”

It would be interesting to see a piece of Chaplin’s work that has somehow slipped through the cracks after all these years. Lets watch as millions of fans, critics, and historians duke it out for this exclusive material.

What do you think of Charlie Chaplin in Zepped being found after all these years?