Avatar - Cameron Giving Direction

Someone stop the madness! The price tag speculation for James Cameron‘s Avatar continues to rise to unbelievable heights. According to an article in the NYTimes, the sci-fi epic is nearing the half a billion dollar mark in terms of its overall production budget. This sounds insane considering the economy and the flailing movie industry as a whole. How exactly does Cameron and Fox plan on making a profit from this movie?

You may think that the more expensive the movie is the better it will be. Avatar will probably have so many technological advancements in it, that the film industry will be set a blaze. That idea may very well be true, but Fox is putting a lot of money into an unknown property. Avatar isn’t a sequel or a comic or anything. It’s just an idea that Cameron wanted to bring to the big screen over 14 years ago. The estimated production cost of the film has been rumored to be just under or around 300 million dollars, which leaves another extra 200 million in question.

The Times, stresses that the final tally for Avatar hasn’t been noted, but the extra millions of dollars that could contribute to its price tag may span from the world wide marketing efforts. This may sound like a huge weight for Fox to carry but the majority of the film has been financed by private equity partners.

Dune Entertainment and Ingenious Media — picked up 60 percent of the budget, according to people who were briefed on the economics of the film but spoke on the condition of anonymity to avoid conflict with the studio or filmmakers.

Due to the nature of the film’s situation Cameron even agreed to defer his payment until the studio and others were compensated. Everyone involved with this movie is taking a gamble, there’s no other way to put it. Nothing guarantees that fans will come out to see the movie for anything other than to support the director. Where’s the major draw? It’s definitely not in the amazing special effects, because they clearly can’t be seen in the trailers.

As a fan of Cameron, I really do hope this goes well because he’s an intelligent and talented director who deserves to see his labor of love succeed. Here’s to hoping for the best.

What do you think of escalating budget for Avatar?

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