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The films being served up for the 2009 holiday season really are a mixed bag. They include everything from a heavy CGI based Christmas classic to a drama about the casualties of the Iraq war. Either way, there’s something for everyone, dark subject matter included. The big question here is whether or not you want to take your families to see what the studios and theaters are offering this year. Do you think the PG films will beat out the bad guys or are you down for some darker material to make you aware of how thankful you should really be?

Take our poll and let us know, what movie you plan on taking your family to see on Thanksgiving?

The obvious front runner out of this bunch would be Wes Anderson‘s Fantastic Mr. Fox. A Christmas Carol could give it a run for its money, but why is it opening today as opposed to the holiday weekend? There’s something about that extra early release that might hinder its ability to cash in on those family dollars. But back to Fox, the movie looks hilarious and visually interesting, there’s no fear of graphic material there!

As for the darker spectrum of things,  you can take on a few films that center on the disintegration of family as opposed to the celebration of it. The dramas Precious, The Messenger, and The Road fill that void with no problem. The subject matter is harder to swallow, but it does force you to take a look at your situation and realize that there are people who are a lot worse off than you.

What Movie Will You Take Your Family to See on Thanksgiving?

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