According to Yahoo, Isla Fisher is gunning for the lead role in the new movie, Desperados. The film is about a woman that might be slightly unhinged when it comes to her boyfriend not responding to messages. If you’ve seen the actresses breakout performance in Wedding Crashers you know what type of crazy we’re talking about here. No holds barred.

The film is about a woman who sleeps with a man, but when he doesn’t follow up with her after, she sends him an angry e-mail, except there is one little problem. It turns out the man didn’t respond because he was in a coma in Mexico! The movie follows her and her friends, as they desperately try to get to the hospital to intercept the message before the man comes to.

The movie will be  backed by 2012 producer, Mark Gordon, Paranormal Activity producer, Jason Blum, and written by Ellen Rapoport.

The movie has been described as a female version of The Hangover, which is kind of an overused description. It seems like any movie with a group of friends getting into some trouble is now described at such. There is one thing that is certain, and that’s that Fisher definitely loves to play the crazies!

The movie sounds like it could be a little dumb, kind of cute, totally predictable, but watchable. It would be interesting to know who else was being considered for the role, and who will play the friends? All of this is key because, when it comes down to it, the movie would actually be watchable with Isla Fisher in it, as opposed to Cameron Diaz.

What do you think?