bradley cooper dark fields

In an interesting casting twist, Bradley Cooper has replaced Shia Labeouf in an upcoming role. According to THR, the younger actor was originally set to star in the thriller Dark Fields, but has since dropped out. That left the lead role open for The Hangover star to takeover but it begs the question, what type of character can transform from a 23 year old to a 34 year old with the stroke of a pen?

According to the trade, Dark Fields will center on “a down-and-out writer (Cooper) who gets his hands on a top-secret pharmaceutical drug that makes one smarter. He experiences sudden financial and social success but soon discovers that the drug has lethal and lasting side effects, including “trip-switching,” a phenomenon in which time moves with a stop-motion quality.” It’s being compared to the likes of Fight Club and The Game due to its strong mix of fantasy and reality.

For some odd reason, there’s a Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas vibe being sent off of this premise. It’s not necessarily regarding the story, but the visuals that are being described. This casting might actually work a lot better, because people still peg Shia as a teenager due to the popularity of his character in Transformers. Being one of the few people who took the time out to watch Cooper in Midnight Meat Train, it’s easy to picture him in this role. He can do comedy, drama, and horror.

What do you think about Cooper replacing Labeouf?