wolf man poster

Earlier today we brought you the lovely Emily Blunt in a teaser poster for the upcoming Universal feature, The Wolf Man, now we’ve got another one courtesy of AICN. This time we stare into the eye of the beast himself, (Benicio del Toro) and it’s not pretty. If you think he looks hairy here, take a look at the rest of it.

Check out the full size poster…

Even though this poster is a blatant close up of the wolf himself, there’s still a lot left up to the imagination. Logically we know that Benicio del Toro is behind those eyes and underneath the make up, yet they choose to keep half of his face in shadow. Perhaps, the grand reveal is yet to come or maybe their saving it for the actual movie. That would be a throw back to old school marketing, a studio actually keeping the biggest plot point a secret until the film’s release.

It’s obvious that a film noir aesthetic is being used here, which is a great sign. Director Joe Johnston might be going for the old school look of the original movie with his interpretation of the story. The film itself will be in color but the story will be stark with many shades of gray.

benicio del toro wolf man poster

The Wolf Man hits theaters early next year on February 12, 2010.

What do you think of the poster?