the killer inside me trailer

A really, really long trailer has been released for The Killer Inside Me, a drama we reported on a few months back that stars Casey Affleck, Jessica Alba, Kate Hudson, Bill Pullman, and Elias Koteas. The cast sounds random, but the film is based on the popular Jim Thompson novel of the same name. The trailer is a little over 5 minutes long and gives away a lot of info regarding the overall plot, so if you’re not familiar with the story already tread carefully.

Check out the trailer…

The film is directed by Michael Winterbottom and centers on a small town sheriff (Affleck) who goes from a protector of the innocent to a deranged killer, which you can pretty much gather from watching the trailer. Now let’s talk about this footage shall we?

First off, it’s nice to once again see Casey in a dramatic leading role. He has been so underestimated, and I’m happy that his performance in Gone Baby Gone forced people to recognize his talent. With that being said, Jessica Alba and Kate Hudson? Really, those two actresses are his counterparts? Hudson is understandable because she at one point or another seemed like a promising actress, but Alba, bah! The film may come across as very disturbing to some but if it does, I recommend you read the book just for reference.

You can view the trailer over at Rope of Silicon.

What do you think of the trailer for The Killer Inside Me?