A short while ago in London, I had the privilege of sitting down, one on one with possibly one of the nicest and more accessible actors you’ll ever meet, Nick Frost for his latest film Pirate Radio. Aside from Frost’s great comedic ability, what many people love about him is how both he and SimonPegg communicate with their fans. They aren’t stars, they are movie makers who enjoy making audiences laugh and don’t remove themselves from the the people who love their films. As he says in the interview “if someone twitters me, yeah I’ll twitter them back!”

In a rather relaxed interview style, Frost decided to go ahead a lay down in our interview while we talked about Tintin, reaching out to fans, and competeing with the other great actors in the film for the best line. It was only later that I realized that lying down might not have been the best pose for the camera, but if you’re up for hanging out with Frost for 7 minutes and talking about film, watch the video below…

I apologize to Frost if this is not the exact way he would have like to have been shot. To cover my own ass I will say that he did say it was okay to record him and I kind of like it. He’s obviosly quite comfortable in front of the camera and doesn’t feel obliged to pose for anyone.

Check him out as a 60′s swinging DJ in Pirate Radio November 13th.

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