shawn levy to produce a berenstain bears movie

This is the morning of CGI movie news! Earlier today, we brought you a story regarding Owen Wilson’s casting as the lead voice in the CGI/live action adaptation of Marmaduke, and now here’s another animal movie to report. Do you remember The Berenstain Bears? The family of friendly cubs who were the subject of a series of children’s books are getting a feature film that will include a mix of animation and live action.

Director Shawn Levy recently spoke to USAToday about the pending project and discussed his plans on adapting the story for the big screen. Levy just signed on to produce the film along with Walden Media, the geniuses behind the Narnia franchise. The Berenstain Bears were created by Jan and the late Stan Berenstain, and was first published over 45 years ago in 1962. Somehow, the books have managed to maintain their popularity, a feat both Levy and Walden quickly noticed.

“To stand that kind of test of time is pretty formidable,” says Levy, who will produce the film through his company, 21 Laps. “People read them as kids and can now read them to their kids. Any piece of culture that proves that enduring has something special in its DNA.”

Screenwriters haven’t been hired for the film yet, but Levy plans on incorporating some of the details from the most popular stories from the Berenstain series into the film. He wants the movie to be witty but not sarcastic, similar to Jon Favreau‘s family comedy, Elf.

An elf and a family dog is one thing, but a group of CGI bears is downright scary! I’m not sure how this will work, didn’t the Berenstain Bears live in a world that was all bears all the time? How can they mix the film with reality when they live in bear country?

What do you think about a Berenstain Bear movie hitting the big screen?