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***Update: Steve Martin and Alec Baldwin will host next year’s Oscars.

After Hugh Jackman nixed the Academy’s plan to bring him back for next year’s Oscar telecast, producers Adam Shankman and Bill Mechanic decided to reach out find his replacement. They had not one, but two actors in mind for the job with Robert Downey Jr. and Tropic Thunder collaborator Ben Stiller. Too bad they both gave the offer a big fat, NO!

Last month, film director Adam Shankman was named one of the producers of the Academy Awards along with Mechanic and they both touted that the 2010 ceremony would be better than what we’ve seen in the past. They stated that it would be funny and entertaining and a true celebration of Hollywood, but that was before the absentee host position opened up. According to Nikki Finke, Downey and Stiller were asked if they would take Jackman’s place as the Oscar hosts and both actors formally declined.

I’m torn on two accounts with their decision because a) I haven’t liked the Oscars for years, and b) Stiller and Downey would have actually done a good job. If they took on the gig, home viewers might have been actually “entertained.” No offense to Jackman, I love the guy but I hated all the musical stuff that went on with this year’s show. The music performances are typically the weakest parts of the ceremony, and the show screamed “the musical is back!” A statement he actually shouted after one of his performances.

Who are they going to get to take on the show now? The Oscars are a tall order, and people are probably too intimidated to do the job.

Who should host next year’s Oscars?