terminator for sale

It’s hard to believe that something as epic as the Terminator mythology could have a price tag, but it does. Over the past few months it’s been no secret that the producers who own the rights to Terminator have been involved in a heated legal battle over the property. According to the Financial Times, the franchise rights will officially be auctioned off this month, so how much is the series worth to Hollywood?

According to FT, many studios are interested in taking on the Terminator property because it’s one of the few film franchises that’s not owned by a major studio. Some of the names of possible buyers include Media Rights Capital, Sony, and those money grubbers over at Summit Entertainment. The rights will give the buyer the ability to make new Terminator films, TV programmes and other spin-offs that build on the popularity of the franchise.

Terminator is being auctioned off by Halcyon, the production company that brought us last summer’s modest hit, Terminator Salvation. Supposedly, the new deal doesn’t cover previous Terminator films, just future projects, therefore the new owners will have no stake in Terminator or T2: Terminator Judgment Day.

Whoever takes on the future of this series will have the opportunity to start anew. The approach McG tried to take with Salvation wasn’t as welcomed as many would have hoped. The new owners might invest in a reboot that sticks closer to the Terminator mythology, while still adding a fresh take on the story. Everyone is keeping pretty quiet on when the sale will specifically take place, but when it does the news will be everywhere. Here’s to hoping Summit doesn’t get it because if they do, the new Terminator may turn out to be a vampire!

What do you think of Terminator being up for sale? Who should take over the franchise?